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At Ogiulvy & Haart we pride ourselves on offering the latest advice on how to manage your financial affairs to help you save tax and increase your wealth in the UK.

We work with individuals and businesses, young and old and this week we want to highlight the need to protect your assets from the government.

Growing old is inevitable, unfortunately, but imagine what would happen if you or a relative had to move into a care home to be looked after and you had to foot the bill. Is this something you can afford, or even thought about?

An article in The Times highlights a very difficult situation that we could all face if we had to move into residential care – that our homes can be seized to pay for the time spent in a home.

And unfortunately it’s legal and above board. BUT, there is a way to stop this from happening and that’s by creating a trust and placing your home and other assets in this trust.

This means that no-one can access your property or anything else covered by the trust so your care will have to be covered by the UK government.

So, at Ogilvy & Haart we implore everyone to protect themselves as much as possible, whether it’s related to a relative, a loved one or even to protect your own family in the future if anything were to happen to you.

We’re pleased to offer all new clients an initial consultation to explain in more detail what a trust is and how it works, and an even offer advice on a number of different wealth management topics, such as inheritance tax, corporation tax and personal tax.

If you only do one thing today, get in touch with us to arrange a consultation and we’ll do the rest for you. Simply call 0333 444 0820 or email